Must Haves for your Nursery

It's that time of your pregnancy already?

Thinking of setting up the baby's little space is the most awaited time before the big day, ofcourse, apart from all the pampering and indulgence you can do for yourself!

Nesting, as it's often called, is a very common instinct for many mommy’s to be. It’s that particular sudden burst of energy you will have one fine day. It will make you organize the house, clean and de-clutter all those shelves and cupboards so you can make the space spick and span for the new guest. And as the delivery date approaches, you may even find yourself getting more and more apprehensive about this. Worry not. we are here to help you!


Here are some tips for setting up your baby’s nursery so you are ready well in time:

1. Theme: Timeless

There are ofcourse many trends in the market, between colours and themes. For us, pick something that will timeless and conscious. Once you have your basics in place, try for a more minimal theme, mix and match with the bedding, accessories and find something you will not get tired of. For us, our almirah haathi (elephant) is keeping many of our little babies comforted for years! Some grow up with the same for year after.

2. Spaces: Designate Away

Make sure you have a space allocated for changing the baby, feeding and for sleep. Two most important things for any nursery or if you choose to make a part of your bedroom for the baby, this is an absolute must. The changing Area should be on a flat surface with a neat box or basket with wipes, diapers (cloth of disposable), clean baby clothes, swaddles. Everything should be in close range.

3. Crib: Go Natural

While choosing your baby’s bedding essentials make sure you start with the basics. Comfort always comes first so choose consciously made crib and bedding. Have in place the basics: cotton blankets, bolsters, shams, quilt all set. Pick a theme or just mix n match – our personal favourite. So whatever catches your fancy- animals, flowers, ice creams or unicorns. Enjoy this time and make your baby a promoter of slow stylish handicrafts from the first day!

4. Organize: Make a List

In order to prioritize you and your needs first, sit back and make a list first. It helps to put things into place and tick off what has been accomplished one by one. Absorb the space and think, what would you like your nursery to look like? What are you missing right now and what are the absolute must-haves? Easy to go bit by bit so everyone around you can also give a helping hand.

5. Details: Personalisation

Small ways to make the nursery more yours is through personalization. This could be photographs, initials, small DIY things to hang or place in the cot that are made by you or your family members that add that extra touch. You could even have customized blankets or cushions with initials or names that has been quite popular with Almirah mothers.



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