How to swaddle a baby

how to swaddle a baby

Swaddle me left, swaddle me right, bundle me up and hold me tight! 

Every new mum has heard about swaddling and how to keep their newborns snug as a bug. Swaddling is very old practice, means wrapping a baby in blanket or any other cloth in a particular way to help these newborns feel secure,warm and connected. Increasingly more and more research shows that, not all, but most of babies feel more comfortable and sleep better when wrapped in swaddle blankets, much like some adults :)

Almirah swaddle wraps are an absolute essential for babies, made from 100% organic cotton. The loose weave of the muslin cotton helps adjust to baby's body temperature naturally. It is absorbent and softens with every wash. We have an exciting range of colourful prints for your baby, shop them here(link)

As a brand that grew out of nostalgia and a love for natural fabrics, making swaddles was something that was part of it. We have developed out own locally manufactured muslin weave that serves the same purpose of the age old swaddle- except with our own little tadka i.e, our signature prints a little hand detailing.

But always remember, mummy knows best. And once you have this bundle in your lap spending each day together you will develop your own language together. Whenever your baby feels or looks a little uncomfortable in the swaddle blanket, just unwrap it. It has worked for many, but it may not work for all in the same way. It’s all okay, and every way you try is the right way.


Note from one of our Moms: This is the most useful blanket my baby used as his “comfy blankie” and wouldn’t leave home without it for years!

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Here's an illustration of our inhouse baby haathi being swaddled as an almirah burrito.



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