Gift certificates

Gift certificates

Big gifts for little people.

Benefits of Sending a Gift Card

The Almirah gift card is one that fits all types of celebrations - birthday, newborn homecoming, baby showers, weddings, Rakhi, Diwali, Holi and so many more. It's sometimes the most convenient way of letting your loved ones buy what they need and like, as per their preference. Best of all, it is valid for two months so they have the luxury to wait and choose.

It's a great last minute purchase as well, especially those who can be a bit forgetful! Yes, we have all been there which is why we thought we would help you out as well. Choose from our hand picked selection of gifts ie your favourite designs for newborns, baby gifts, some personalised gifts for kids, comfortable cotton nightsuits, mulmul printed shirts, girls hand printed dresses and the softest bedding, all Made in India.

Here are some FAQs regarding our Gift card. If there is any other query please feel free to get in touch with us!

How do I use the Gift Card?
When you want to use your gift card, log in from the same email address that the card was sent to. If you do not have an account please sign up using the same email address.

Can a Gift Card be used more than once?
No, the gift card is a one time only card that is used for a single purchase and valid till the date mentioned.

Can Gift Cards be reloaded?
No, you can't reload a gift card. You must purchase a new card.

Can gift cards be issued with any initial value?
Gift cards are available for the following amounts Rs. 1500, Rs. 3000, Rs. 5000, Rs. 10,000. You may purchase these or get in touch with our team for more assistance.

Can more than one gift card be used towards a purchase?
Yes. A customer can redeem another gift card during checkout.

How long is it valid?
Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Can a gift card be used to buy a gift card?
No, you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.

How can customers access gift cards which were misplaced or never received?
In case a customer cannot locate their gift card, please write to us at

Can a gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?
Gift cards are applied to the final order total and includes shipping and taxes.

Can I attach a note with the the gift card?
Yes, every email sent to the recipient has a space for a personalized message.

Can gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?
Most discounts cannot be applied to gift cards. Please write to us for more.

Are there any additional fees or taxes ?
Our gift vouchers have no additional processing fees.
How do I buy the Gift Card?
You may buy the card from the top menu under Toys + Gifts section. Please put in all the necessary details and when you click buy and pay at checkout, an email will be sent you with the invoice. The recipient of the gift card will also receive an email with the details of how to redeem this along with your personal message.