Benefits of swaddle blankets

If there is any essential that needs to be packed in your hospital bag alongside baby clothes, diapers and some wipes, it is the Almirah swaddle blanket! And yes dear mums, it is very useful for you too! This blog will talk about all the useful ways in which this multi functional organic wrap comes to use. 

For almost a decade, we have specialized in providing you baby essentials that are soft, handmade and an absolute must have. Almirah’s swaddle blankets are no different. These organic cotton muslin blankets come with a flexibility and fun that becomes softer with each wash and makes your new born feel secure and loved from day one. 

Here are some of the benefits of an Almirah’s swaddle an absolute must have for every house with a little bundle of their own:


1. Swaddled baby feels womb like

Made with soft 100% organic cotton weave, a baby feels warm and cozy when wrapped in a swaddle blanket. Once they feel this security and comfort, just like in the womb, they tend to sleep better.


2. Swaddling prevents reflex startles

Tucked neatly into a swaddle burrito, yes babies can be wrapped into the cutest cloth burrito; babies can sleep longer as it does not let them move their hands too much. In the first few days you will notice how swaddling doesn’t disturb the baby with their own startle reflexes, little sneezes and other hand movements so they can snooze away.


3. Swaddling teaches the baby to maintain a back sleeping position

The ideal time to swaddle a baby is the first 6-8 weeks. Swaddling allows babies to sleep on their back and not be able to flip from one side to the other. Some research suggests that placing your baby on his/her back to sleep could also avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). With the use of swaddle wrap, a baby learns to maintain back sleeping position which is useful in the coming months as well.


4. Swaddling a baby prevents them from scratching their face

Newborns start to gain more and more control of their motor skills, and can sometimes unknowingly scratch their nose or face with their own hands. The right baby swaddling allows these hand movements to be tucked away in the wrap.


5. Useful & trendy breastfeeding wraps

The easiest and simple way to nurse and breastfeed your baby anytime, anywhere is with our swaddle wrap. Due to its multi-functionality and loose weave, the baby will still be covered during this and yet not feel too hot as the temperature adjusts a bit to avoid overheating.


6. Makes for a great washcloth

Any new mum will tell you if there is anything you have to ready for with babies, its drools, dribbles and the need for an excess amount of washcloths & wipes! We have developed our own signature muslin wraps with a hoodie so you can double it up as a wash cloth or towel because a newborn’s skin is so gentle and soft that we wouldn’t have it any other way.


7. Signature prints to make your baby stylish from day one

Nothing is more trendy than a stylish nursing cover and a baby wrapped up in our signature prints. From day one your baby becomes a mascot for Indian crafts, slow fashion and nostalgia! Now that’s something!


8. Organic & Natural

As a brand that grew out of love for natural Indian fabrics, know that this consciously developed muslin fabric is made from organic cotton. It is therefore grown without pesticides or genetically modified seeds.


9. Prewashed, it becomes softer with every use

Your baby’s skin is soft, sensitive and gentle which requires you to be extra careful with each product that you use. Each of our swaddle blankets is prewashed to make the apple of your eye feel safe, comfy and clean and be ready to go with you for that big day!


10. They make a great keepsake

As one of your main companions, this blanket will be a keepsake not just for you but make for a great memory blanket. You can even preserve it and gift it to the next generation and make a small tradition out of it : )