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Newborn Baby Essentials

We have designed and developed newborn baby essentials that are functional, trendy, soft and unique. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric, our muslin swaddle wraps, bibs, wipes, burp cloths and other basics are a must for your baby as they venture into the new world. All these make for great baby shower gifts, are durable hand-me-downs and very sustainable. Made in unique prints by our inhouse design team, we guarantee the same softness to the baby’s skin that the parents would want.

The very first thought that comes to our mind while shopping for newborn baby essentials is about the soft and cute products. And this is what actually your baby requires as his/her soft skin is very sensitive. Our newborn essentials are exactly what your baby needs as these are made with organic cotton. Babies love the touch and comfort of our clothes and accessories. Swaddle blankets, gowns, changing pads, towel sets, face wipes, bum wipes, bib and burp cloths are all made with natural organic cotton.

What we have in newborn essentials ?

Swaddle blankets
Very essential multipurpose hand printed swaddle wraps for baby made from 100% organic cotton muslin fabric. These some in unique prints, are lightweight, breathable, absorbent and soften with every wash.

Baby gown
Let your baby be snug as a bug in this easy to wear and change organic gown. These are perfect for your newborns first outfit and comes with a baby hat. Easy to sleep, snooze and play in and have them grow into the first few months.

Bib burp cloth
A parents cute little helpers that keep you and your baby’s clothes clean and dry especially used during burping and putting the baby to sleep. Handblock printed unique designs on 100% organic absorbent cotton fabric.

Drool Bib cloth
A must have bib cloth especially for the drooling newborn babies who have started teething. This is surely your companion to be in keeping your baby's clothes clean and dry.

Baby Bath towel set
Made with softest woven towels, this set comes with a hooded bath towel, a wash cloth and a baby face wipe. Each is embroidered with our personal touch and make for perfect gifts.

Organic face wipe cloth for baby
A must have newborn essential, this organic wipe cleans up all with ease. This eco friendly organic cloth is in all the ways good for the environment too.

Baby changing mat
A portable changing and travel mat used anytime for changing diapers of your baby or putting the baby for a small snooze while traveling. Unique design, waterproof and easy to clean.

Nursing Pillow
Comfortable and light weight, our nursing pillows / feeding pillows come in our signature prints and are perfect for you while feeding or holding baby or even putting them to a short snooze. You can match it with any of our newborn essentials. These have microfiber filling and 100% cotton cover.

Mustard Pillow
Mustard Pillow a.k.a Rai ka takiya (must have for your newborn baby) is a two layered pillow filled with natural mustard seeds, has a quilted top and teams perfectly with our baby bedding. It helps them to be more comfortable, aides maintaining the roundness of their head and provides your baby support while sleeping for long hours or lying down.

Your newborn essentials shopping is going to be a fun and wonderful experience at Almirah. We have now simplified your browsing and purchasing experience. Quick shop for your favorite Almirah products in just 2 steps.
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