Our Story

Almirah was born on a hot summer day, under our favourite mango tree, over many cups of chai.

We are an Indian brand that believes in the charm of contemporary design with an Indian edge. We want to evoke through Almirah the same overwhelming feeling we had as kids, when our mothers used to open their almirahs that threw colours, smells and textures at you.

Almirah rests on an extended family of craftsmen, tailors, quilters and through it aims to revive certain crafts, silhouettes and skills like printing, hand embroidery, ikat weaves and organic cotton. Started a decade ago, Almirah stores and stockists are found across India and internationally, are also available in boutiques especially in the USA.

Today this brand specialises in clothes, bedding and accessories and are slowly expanding their product line to include the almirahs of young and old alike.

Our passion

Our speciality lies in retaining the exclusivity and handmade charm of our products and using our favourite crafts like hand block printing, tie dye, ikat weaves, silk screen printing, embroideries to name a few.

Almirah remains motivated to help farmers who practise organic farming and source local fabrics found in India. Almirah is where traditional design and craft meets modern sensibilities. Almirah works with a team of tailors, quilters and printers to build a sustainable and creatively fulfilling fashion label.

Cotton, mulmul, ikat weaves, embroideries, organic hoisery, handmade accessories and linens are distinctive of Almirah's style. Proud of the handmade charm of our products, even after four years, our masterji (the head tailor) makes all samples on his pedal machine.


Our process

Walking into our store is like walking into your favorite bookstore where you find the comfort of the old stalwarts, the bestsellers and the new. We believe slow fashion is timeless and constitutes what Indian fashion and craft has always been about. Our products are a reflection of everyday India - through our clothes, we're reviving memories of the days gone by and celebrating India as we know it today.

We love the concept of second chances for scraps and leftover fabrics. Our way of tacking the other end of the excess textiles is found in many accessories, patchworks and our most favourite : the traditional Indian “Nimbu-Mirchi Totka” to protect your home from all the bad and evil spirits.

For us, it's the details that make the designs. The significance of detailing is visible through centuries of Indian craft and we're focused on keeping that very legacy alive.