A new normal for motherhood

Mums are always the best go-to-help for new mums. That's how Almirah, in the words of one mum, became a “fairy godmother” to mums who needed love and guidance. 

COVID-19 has created extremely uncertain times for everyone and as a soon-to-be mum, you must be, especially, worried. These are difficult times but as they say, this too shall pass. Until then, our in-house team of mums put together a few thoughts for all of you.

Are pregnant women more at risk?

During pregnancy, women undergo many changes in their bodies and immune systems, so please keep yourself safe within your homes. Remember, both during pregnancy and after delivery, you are eating and keeping up for two (or three in the case of twins!). Make sure you eat right, stay hydrated and are well rested. WHO says the data on who is at more risk is limited, so keep yourself safe the best you can.

Can I step out once lockdown ends?

Even after the lockdown opens up, that too gradually, continue a routine that makes you feel most comfortable. As a new mum, you get to set your new normal. Continue washing your hands frequently, avoid crowded places and wear a fabric mask when you go out for a walk (remember to wash it properly once home). Most importantly, keep a look out for any unusual symptoms like fever, cough, cold and call your doctor if you need.

What are the ways in which I can stay calm?

A golden rule for mums -- you are always connected to a baby so whatever you feel your baby will sense. It’s actually quite magical. Try to stay calm, read a book, look up some easy yoga videos and most of all, do what makes you happy, be it watching an old rom-com or talking to friends who make you laugh. This is important both during pregnancy and for breastfeeding mums. Avoid reading too much news, for now. This time won’t come back for you and your baby, so enjoy them!

Can I have visitors?

We know it’s a special time and sharing it with loved ones makes it even more so. Given the current situation, it would be better to avoid having any visitors at all. Trust us, everyone will understand and you will be just fine. There are so many ways to engage with your friends and family, digitally, so make the most of what technology has given us: Connectivity! 

Also, from day one, your families and friends’ oxytocin and endorphins (those good hormones) will be infectious and raise your sense of well being. This is a great time for you and your spouse to bond as family.

I was unable to plan and buy baby essentials. What do I do?

A newborn baby is all about sleep, spits, drools, changing, feeding and cuddles. They sleep long hours, and so should you. Keep up with their schedules and help them get accustomed to being in this new world. There are many manuals and guides but if you ask us just start out with the basics  - comfy bedding, handy blankets, cotton tops, diapers, mustard pillow and many, many, many wipes  - are key to mastering the first few days with your baby. The rest can always come in time.

What must I always do?

Make sure you stick to washing hands frequently- start by singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star twice and get into practice for those lullaby sessions! Maintain respiratory hygiene always, always, always and remain alert and aware of what comes in and goes out of your homes. 

Stay Safe!

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