Slow Fashion will always be our fashion style

We are slow fashion.

For those of you who have been part of our journey this past decade know how we are committed to being slow and sustainable. Who says slow cant be fashionable!

Almirah grew out a love for fabrics, and crafts, but most importantly it was born out of a love for slow fashion. Clothes that could be worn, till kids grew out of them. Prints that were timeless and silhouettes that were so comfortable you didn’t want to take it off. Our brand was born, at a time when there was an influx of brands from abroad, when seasons and trends became every fashion designers mainstay. We launched Almirah not forgetting, what Indian dress style has always stood for: timelessness.

Slow fashion made us celebrate the local, the natural. Indian handicrafts, with a long life, where the product actually becomes more expensive with time. We also believe in something that can be redone, repurposed, recycled and reused in so many ways. We enjoyed spending time in our studio, working with our karigars and just designing. We even loved hearing your stories of how you made memory blankets or cloth toys for your children from their old clothes.

A few weeks this year, our lives paused in one-way or another. This time has forced us all to be home, in our most comfortable clothes and we have all slowed down. There is a realization that slow is lovely, slow is comforting, it makes us pause and appreciate living.

Let us go forward thinking that once a new normal sets in and we go back to a new-business-as usual, what needs to change? Slow choices. The kind we made when we were stocking up. What are timeless favourites and what is just a passing trend?

Don't get us wrong. We all love fashion, but maybe its time to redefine the kind of fashion we need to like. Lets consciously choose a fashion that is trendy for more than a season or a favorite kurta that after its wear and tear can be upcycled in innovative ways. Think of all your dresses and shirts getting a new life as cushions, gudris, napkins, potpourri bags, wall hangings or pouches. Lets be part of the entire cycle of the product we buy, because that is where we can step in and help reduce the wastage. Become a part of the slow movement in our own small way.

We are what we choose and we choose what we wear - and not just popular sayings. They need to be embedded in our minds so we can make the right choices when step out.

Lets slow down and think.

Lets go slow.