Trendy Indian Kidswear Designs For This Year

Did we just hear that you are looking to upgrade your child’s Almirah? Just hold on a moment! What is defining style in 2023 for this year is what we have grown to love and adore so much too!


Our key trends for kidswear are here:

 1. Colors and some color but not too much!

Its been a bright year and with changes in temperature and unpredictable months colours are definitely the way forward! Bright and vibrant colors is a key trend but don’t go all hung ho about it. The key is always balance! Have fun with contrasting and not always playing the matching game!

 2. Nature and other quirky prints

We adore jungles and so do the kids. Nature has so many endless inspirations and is full of new learnings. But who can escape the urban jungle ,so we have autos and scooters !

 3. Stripes and Boldness

Straight lines are thin, small, big, bold or in multiple colours. We love ‘em all and so do the kiddos.

4. Fusion Wear

This we love. Our main fashion style in Almirah is about mix and match. If there’s a kurta you like, wear it with your trendiest skirt or a bundi with a more traditional pant. Keep the old with the new and new with the old. Fusion is fun and different!

5. Natural fabrics

Kids love fabrics that they can be free in and feel luxurious. Nothing beats the heat in the most natural fabrics and best: it's great for your skin too!