Almirah Men's Collection: Elevate your style in Comfort & Craft

For over  decade we have given you unique Indian children's designs that combined what we love the most: the elements of crafts and India. Having launched into menswear first with our limited Goa collection and now at our flagship store in New Delhi, we continue to value the same ethos of simplicity, design and style. Natural fabrics,our eye to detailing and hand drawn sketches printed by hand, has everything you need to give your style that extra edge!


1. Natural Muls and Fabs

Yes it's true, you have loved us for the fabrics and prints we have been using and no surprises that we will continue to push that comfort and luxurious feel to our men’s shirts. We source quality fabrics from different parts of India and quirky prints to make summer, birthdays, vacations or just another day extra special!



2. Detailing and Other Secrets:

We absolutely love bringing the small detailing into our garments, for not just kids, but the older lot too. A unique touch to each of the shirts is our special way to bring different sewing crafts and keep some fun alive! If some of you are lucky… you may have our mascot too. No prizes for guessing what that is!



3. Signature Prints:

Our designs are inspired by what we love : India! This has been translated to our menswear too where prints, embroideries and motifs are from the lengths and breadths of our country. So when you wear our specially designed print it is not only a tribute to the many elements we love, but also a trip down memory lane. After all, some nostalgia is always special!



4. Unique & Versatile:

If there is any type of  day you are having: good, bad or otherwise and especially if you need a pick me up. Look no further as our shirts have the answers. Each of our pieces can be dressed for a special occasion or for casual outings. And trust us when we say you are bound to catch a few compliments with sizing that’s there for all!



5. Made in yours truly:

They say home is where the heart is… and this collection too comes from our   home where our studio is and we design. All the materials are sourced and made here in India so when you gift an Almirah shirt, you gift something that was designed and finished here for you!


So, just to conclude, if you are looking for that special gift for your dad, brother, boyfriend, friend, best friend, uncle or grandpa (and the list goes on and on)…. Come on over and pick up a shirt that’s dressed to impress and will give your gift an extra ah ha!

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