DIY: A trunk full of activities for your kids during social distancing


We are starting our very first blog by sending you all some love.

There is so much happening around us today and we are all at home playing our part and praying together for a healthier world.

We wanted to let you know we have been thinking about you, and most of all our little customers. Each day feels very long... sometimes very, very long and we do miss the Almirah workshop a lot so we thought it was time to turn quarantine time into quality time!

This is where it gets to be fun because our in house haathi, yes the Almirah haathi, offered his services and decided to become our muse as we came up with some activities to do at home. These activities are easy for kids, and we hope it will keep them engaged during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Its very simple. All you need to do is print them on a sheet and get your kids to work on them. Grab a few pencils and crayons and get started. You know what they say- too much screen time is not a good idea!


Activity book - 1

Activity book -1 consists of 10 worksheets which can be downloaded all together or each sheet can be downloaded separately.

Please download complete activity book -1 here:

Or download an activity worksheet separately, click on the links under each worksheet:

Download worksheet 1 - Join the dots


Download worksheet 2 - Colour me 1

Download worksheet 3 - Colour me 2

Download worksheet 4 - Exit the maze 

Download worksheet 5 - Find the match 1 

Download worksheet 6 - Find the match 2 

Download worksheet 7 - Colour the Jumbled Elephants

Download worksheet 8 - Circle the words 

Download worksheet 9 - Jumble words

Download worksheet 10 - Calculate 


You may also mail us the images of completed task on or WhatsApp: +919870111571. We would love to share some interesting work on our Facebook and Instagram page :)

Also keep a lookout on this blog. We will try sharing as much as we can during this time.

We will be updating more activities. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear from you.


In the meantime, be productive, stay home and don't hoard. We are with you and your loved ones.

Lots of love from our haathi and the Almirah family <3