Dear first time mums: We think you need these 7 essentials for your newborn babe

While there is no real dearth of blogs, manuals, how-to guides and friends or aunts dispensing sound advice to a first time mum, a first time mum is always worried about doing it right.

We've put together our 7 essentials for newborn (first time mums), in no particular order, to make your life slightly, if not wholly easier:


Changing Mat Haathi March 

Used for centuries by mothers, the portable mat for babies is indispensable for the mum and baby duo on-the-go. Throw it in the back of the car, or in a changing bag and head for your mid-week adventures with your new partner in crime. Whether it's a day at the beach, play date at your neighbour’s, or a mid-week trip to the nearest hills, just keep Almirah portable mat in the back of car and head for out your weekend. It’s a great substitute to using a cloth/ bed sheet on the carpet (or floor) for your newborn.


Baby's One Piece Suit

A classic garment designed to be worn by infants, babies’ one-piece suit or onesie is the single most essential piece of garment for the first time mum. Much like a T-shirt with shoulder flaps, and an extension below the waist with old-school press stud buttons (just like your grandmother would have stitched for you) just above the crotch, Almirah's babysuit is made from 100% organic cotton and is extremely soft on the baby's bottoms.

Almirah tip: Organic cotton helps your baby’s skin breathe better.
Bonus eco-friendly points: It also promotes the earth-friendly farming.


Swaddle Wrap

Made from 100% cotton, Almirah's swaddle wrap is made out of specially sourced fabric which is breathable and prevents suffocation safe. It is inspired by the age old practice of swaddling or snugly wrapping a baby in a blanket for warmth and security. This weave is designed to adjust to the baby's temperature. The swaddle wrap resembles the womb - it keeps your baby secure, and protected from being disturbed by her own reflexes. It can also double up as a sun shade and nursing cover - it's our very own jack of all trades ! Almirah's swaddle wrap comes with a specially designed baby hood.

Almirah tip: With the swaddle wrap babies cry less - so keep calm and sleep more. The swaddle wrap naturally soothes babies - meaning less crying for the baby, and more sleep for everyone!

Burp & Bib Cloth

With Almirah's range of burp-and-bib clothes, there's no more worrying for first time mums about spillovers and stains. It keeps your babies clean, comfortable and always stylin’ (haha! nice!). The burp and bib cloth set, made from a gauze cotton fabric, is great for maximum absorbance. These are great to ensure that babies are protected from stains while feeding and playing. These are our mothers' little helpers. Find them in our signature elephant/haathi print on our website.


Mustard Pillow/ Rye Takia

The mustard pillow is perfect essential for your newborn - it is soft and helps smooth the shape of the baby's head. The pillow has been an Indian tradition for centuries. Almirah wants nothing more than to retain the Indian-ness. Mothers have traditionally used this pillow to make sure their babies heads get nicely shaped! Ancient wisdom has it that a baby can develop a bumpy head from sleeping on her side. Either way, this pillow definitely keeps the little one’s noggin fully supported and pressure-free.”) Almirah mustard pillows come in our signature prints and the cover can be easily be taken off removed for a wash.


Drool Bib

Babies upto the age of 24 do not develop the mouth muscles properly. So, they leak a lot of saliva out of their mouth. Drool bibs are especially made to absorb this saliva. This way they have become must haves for your drooly baby as they are functional practically and cute too.
Made from 100% absorbent organic cotton, our stylish bandana drool bibs will gobble up all the leaking saliva of your teething babies. These drool bibs have two snaps at the back for better adjustment and grip.

Baby Cloth Wipes

These cloth pieces are very essential for newborn to keep your baby clean in and out. Baby wipes can be used on your baby’s bums as well as face. Just make sure you are buying a cloth wipe that does not contain any kind of preservatives. Otherwise it may harm your baby. We ensure this and offer baby wipes in organic cotton cloth. No matter how messy your baby’s bums are, our cloth wipes will wipe them clean without any harm.


Over the past few years we have heard a lot of stories about anxious first-time mums worried about messing up and making mistakes while choosing newborn baby products. At Almirah we try to keep it simple and put the whimsy back in motherhood and quirky and most importantly, we make all our products with love to give you a small helping hand in this exciting new journey!


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