The Almirah Mustard Rai Baby Pillow for Newborns

If you are looking for a rai pillow for your newborn that fits all your requirements -- soft, natural and comfortable -- then look no further. We spent countless hours trying to perfect that pillow, just like your grandmothers would make with an extra bit of love.

One of the first products we developed was the mustard pillow for newborn babies, the same one nanis and dadis always used. Over the past few years, these have become popular with new mums who appreciate its value.

We began with rai from our farm, but as we grew we began to source the mustard seeds locally, wash, sun-dry them and handpick any unwanted particles. Each cover is quilted to provide the right balance of softness that a newborn's head would require.

The mustard pillow, or more commonly known as the rai ka takiya, was a gift given to a new mum. For us, it is a magic pillow full of natural goodness and healthy benefits unlike no other. Rai after all is a natural seed, indeginous to India and has been used over centuries for multiple benefits.

A lot of newborns are not born with the natural roundness of the head or sometimes, during birth, an excess pressure may also lead to a slightly flat or conical shape but that doesn't mean it has to be like that for life. Rai seeds provide the softness and easily take the shape of the baby's head aiding in the development of the roundess. Even during the first two to three months some mothers notice that their baby gets used to sleeping on one side that causes a slight flatness.

Besides this, the mustard pillow has an innate warming property. During naptime and snoozing, the extra warmth helps newborns sleep a little longer - and new parents love that.

Just like many Indian dishes cannot do without the rai ka tadka, we feel our rai ka takiya is a must have for your baby.

Some mothers often have questions about mustard pillow. A few are listed below for you:

Till what age can I use the mustard pillow for my baby?

Mostly newborns till 3-4 months which are vital for the development of the head shape. However, we know of babies who become quite attached to their mustard pillow and have it as a comfort pillow in their nurseries even months later.

What are some of the benefits of this newborn rai pillow?

A baby’s head is very delicate. This pillow helps to cushion the head, gently fixes and reshapes bumps, dents, flat heads or depressions during delivery. You can adjust the contours of the rai pillow to shape your baby’s head and prevent the flatness.

How long does it take for the shape to become round?

The first 4-5 months are crucial for misshaping and the seeds help to relieve pressure from the baby’s gentle head. In the first few months, baby’s sleep over 12-18 hours a day, so this pillow plays a very important role while they are resting.

Can they develop a flatness in the head after birth?

When a baby is sleeping on its side, pressure can change the head shape; however, the tiny mustard seeds in the pillow adjust according to the shape of the baby’s head.

Is it natural?

Yes, this pillow is filled with mustard seeds and we clean it out thoroughly and sun-dry it to make sure you get the best.

How do I wash it?

We encourage our customers to get an extra cover for rai pillow which can be machine washed. Please do not put the filler in the washing machine, wash separately and dry thoroughly in the sun.



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Almirah's two layered rai ka takiya are filled with natural mustard seeds and have a quilted top cover.