Cotton Comfort: Why Our Bedding is Ideal for Babies

Yes, it’s true!! Natural fabrics are best for your baby. Over 12 years, we have developed comfortable and easy bedding for your baby that’s designed by us. When we were choosing and looking at options, cotton stood out as an ideal choice for baby bedding:softness, breath-ability, and hypoallergenic properties make it a top pick for creating a cozy and nurturing sleep environment.


The options we have in cotton bedding for baby:


 1. Haathi March New Born Set

There is nothing like this Haathi March newborn crib bedding set from Almirah that covers all essentials for a baby. It consists of the softest bedding essentials to keep your baby warm and cozy. Remember, cotton is breathable and allows air circulation, helping to regulate your baby's body temperature that helps to prevent overheating and keeps your little one cozy!


 2. Dino New Born Set

Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes waddling in this set.  After all, they are said to have roamed around in India too! In this Dino cotton bedding, remember cotton is easier to clean and can withstand regular washing without losing its softness or shape. Do wash and clean often so its stays hygienic for your baby! Cotton being a natural and renewable resource, it’s an eco-friendly choice for your baby's bedding too.


 3. Bhalu New Born Set

One of our favourites, and a great baby shower gift for cotton loving mom to be! Since cotton bedding can come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs, it also allows you to decorate your nursery in your style. Adorable prints like the Bhalu in subtle hues is bound to suit your aesthetic preferences. Our new introduction to our cotton bedding range – we hope you love it to.


 4. Ice cream Set

Who doesn’t love ice creams? Especially when it comes in the brightest pop This cotton ice cream bedding set, like the others, is known for its durability for babies providing comfort and proves to be a useful investment for you. A true favourite of many aunts and uncle to be in gifting it, we are sure you will love it too! 



And so, with so many benefits to cotton, and the many beautifully designed prints that your baby can be stylishly bundled up in, Almirah’s cotton bedding is the ideal choice. Its softness, breath-ability, hypoallergenic properties, and easy maintenance make it a perfect fit for your little one's delicate skin. So, embrace the natural comfort and benefits of cotton, and give your baby the gift of a restful and comfortable sleep with the goodness of this versatile fabric.