Some must haves & places to visit in Goa this season

Winter is coming, and like every year its THIS time of the year which we dream on the most! Why you ask? It's quite simple really. Its the time all that is on our minds is the sea, sun and sand! 

As sun and cotton lovers, nothing makes us breathe better than natural fabrics. Our block and hand printed fabrics come in many products to give you the best edge for resort and vacay wear. Here are our top pics for your next beach trip and this blog one will be Goa intensive. 

If you are like us, then join us as we dream this year of Goa. And of course if you are planning an escape to a different sand - then these tips may apply there too!


1. Cool, Casual Day Dresses by Morjim Beach

North Goa's most attractive gem - Morjim is a beach lined with some of the trendiest places to eat. Our top pick is of course all time favourite Burger Factory.  The sunset from this beach are just stunning.


2. Easy Travel Towels for Calangute 

If you happen to be on Calangute beach, we know its hugely popular. But if you find a cool and calm spot to laze on and have made your way from a shack, make sure you have handy our light towels with exquisite prints that are sure to catch anyone's eye. Trust us, you will definitely need one while relaxing at the beach.  



3. Souvenir of the Sea by Turtle Beach

Along with sighting Olive Ridley Turtles (a protected species) there are a lot more of activities to keep you at fun at this beautiful beach. Especially, if you are going to see the sunset, pack a nice little picnic basket with your favourite book and our beach inspired souvenirs to keep you company. 

We have some beach inspired toys that you may want to look at ;)



4. Forever Trendy Men's shirt in Assagaon

If there is anything Assagaon is famous for it's food, food & more food...

In this cute little area you are spoilt for choice from good old gun powder, to popular izumi and many a cute cafes and little eats that have sprung up the season. Make sure you are dressed for the occasion and look vacation ready.



5. The Everywhere Tote through North - South Goa

Obviously, you are in mood of exploring whole of Goa - we know:)

We have made sure you don't miss your sunscreen, towel etc. while travelling. We have got you some handy tote bags to carry your essentials along while you are busy tripping to different beaches and places.