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    Mums are always the best go-to-help for new mums. That's how Almirah, in the words of one mum, became a “fairy godmother” to mums who needed love and guidance. 

    COVID-19 has created extremely uncertain times for everyone and as a soon-to-be mum, you must be, especially, worried. These are difficult times but as they say, this too shall pass. Until then, our in-house team of mums put together a few thoughts for all of you.


    Are pregnant women more at risk?

    During pregnancy, women undergo many changes in their bodies and immune systems, so please keep yourself safe within your homes. Remember, both during pregnancy and after delivery, you are eating and keeping up for two (or three in the case of twins!). Make sure you eat right, stay hydrated and are well rested. WHO says the data on who is at more risk is limited, so

    A new normal for motherhood