Almirah was born on a hot summer day in our verandah in Delhi, over endless cups of chai.

Almirah (Anglo-Indian for cupboard) is a place for special things to be stored away: a world of colours, smells and textures. Started by a mother daughter team, Almirah makes clothes, bedding and accessories for children from 0-12yrs.

Almirah aims to be culturally connected. We believe in contemporary design with an Indian edge. We use cosmopolitan silhouettes, yet retain the traditional garments worn by Indians for centuries such as the loose lukhnawi kurta which cools you in summer, the sardri worn to keep your chest warm or the lovely odhnis or scarves. Our speciality lies in embroidered cottons, soft printed mulmulsand organic hoisery.

Divya used her experience of over 25 years with garments and export along with her passion for patchwork and recycling, to launch our first line in 2011. Aditi, her daughter, loves to design and the prints as well as embroideries on our fabrics are hand drawn by her. Recently returned from New York after pursuing a program at Parsons, her inspiration continues to come from the colorful fabrics and streets of India.

The Almirah family consists of craftsmen, tailors and most importantly, our neighbourhood bachhaas who keep inspiring us. Together, they help keep Almirah quirky and simple which is reflected in our prints, embroideries and style.

Today, we make clothes, bedding and accessories for children and are steadily expanding our product line for the almirahs of young and old alike. Proud of the handmade charm of our products, even after eight years, our masterji makes all the samples on his pedal machine.

Almirah is available across offline stores in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kochi and our products are also available in select boutiques in the US.

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Our Values

Our clothes, bedding and accessories are locally sourced in India and always, made in small batches. While we experiment and innovate with the materials we use, our clothes are made from 100% cotton grown in India, linens, handloom weaves and silks.

Soft, dewy and breathable our clothes are soft on children and designed to ensure comfort. Cotton, mulmul, ikat weaves, embroideries, organic hoisery, handmade accessories and linens are distinctive of our style. We strive to retain the Indian old world charm.

Our designs are inspired by everyday India and traditional Indian techniques. Over the years, we've taken our favourite Indian fabrics and motifs and, crafted them to create the perfect clothes for our customers across the world.

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At Almirah, we believe a life well lived begins at childhood. We believe in the timelessness of Indian motifs and silhouettes.

We believe in products that inspire and spread awareness. Breezy cottons, old recycled sewing machines, hangers made from left over fabric and scraps and upcycled hand made toys by artisans in India are all reflected in our and we work with all these elements and everything in between.

Our clothes reflect our deep seeded belief in slow fashion, sustainability, up cycling and an eco conscious outlook to dressing up.

Almirah rests on a family of artisans in India and we have collaborated with artisans from across the country to include dyeing, printing, shoe making, jewellery designing and weaving into our repertoire of designs.

Our Process

To read more about us, see what's hot off the press or contact us at